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Natural USDA Certified Organic Handcrafted Soaps

Buy Natural USDA Certified Organic Handcrafted Soaps (Advertisement)

Our super-mild handmade soap bars are USDA Certified Organic to Food Standards. Made from a hypoallergenic vegetable base of organic Coconut, Palm, Olive and Palm Kernel oils, we use natural, aromatherapy essential oils and botanical extracts to alter the effects of this moisturizing soap base on your skin. All bars are facial quality. Different blends for different skin types.

All of our products are free of artificial colors, perfumes, fragrances, sulfates or preservatives. We use Rosemary Extract as a natural preservative. No animal products (except honey soap), animal by-products or animal testing.

USDA Approved, Certified Organic alternatives to the often irritating, chemical and detergent based personal care products now in general use. Handmade cold process bar soaps for sensitive skin. Master Soapmakers blend organic food grade ingredients into soap products the old fashioned way. Our special bar soap process removes excess alkali from the soap, creating a super mild bar for the most sensitive skin.

These organic handcrafted soaps produce a rich moisturizing lather to thoroughly cleanse and can be used by anyone even those with sensitive skin. Many soaps are just plain boring. Enjoy your experience each time with unique soap blends for every mood, season and person.

It takes nearly a month to handcraft a bar of Soap. Only this 200 year old process yields a bar of soap suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Always gentle, hypoallergenic and completely natural. No wonder they call it the mildest soap on Earth!

10 Choices of Natural Organic Handcrafted Soaps to choose from.

Made with organic rosemary herb. Natural antioxidant for all skin types.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Rosemary Essential Oil Blend, Organic Rosemary Herb, Rosemary Extract

Made with real Vermont honey. Gentle exfoliant for all skin types.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Orange/Clove Essential Oil Blend with Organic Orange Oil, Organic Cornmeal, Pure Vermont Honey, Rosemary Extract

Best used for dry or "scent"sitive skin.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Powdered Oatmeal, Organic Aloe Vera, Rosemary Extract

Pure soap, plain and simple. This bar has no fragrance and no color. A perfect soap for people who prefer a gentle soap with a good lather in a fragrance-free alternative. Especially helpful for sensitive skin.
Ingredients: Organic saponified oils of safflower and/or sunflower, organic palm, and organic coconut (with retained glycerin); rosemary extract

Made with real organic oatmeal.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Lavender Essential Oil Blend, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Oatmeal, Rosemary Extract

Made with raw Shea Butter this is our most moisturizing bar soap.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Raw Shea Butter, Organic Calendula Extract, Rosemary Extract

Made with real Citrus peels! Mild & refreshing. A popular combination/normal skin bar.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Citrus Essential Oil Blend with Organic Orange Oil, Organic Orange Peel, Rosemary Extract

Refreshing, invigorating and & mild astringent for all skin types.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Lemongrass Essential Oil Blend, Rosemary Extract

For oily & combination skin.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Peppermint Essential Oil Blend, Organic Spearmint Leaves, Rosemary Extract

Relief for dry, itchy skin. Natural germ killer.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Rosemary Extract

Cinnamon & Clove scent. Deodrant bar & antiseptic foot soap.
Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Natural Woodspice Essential Oil Blend, Organic Cinnamon, Rosemary Extract

Measuring the Pollution in People

Measuring the Pollution in People

A number of striking studies (i) have shown that the man-made chemicals in our environment and in consumer products—including cosmetics—make their way into our bodies. Many of the chemicals found in cosmetics are absorbed by the skin into the body, and can be detected in blood or urine.

The length of time chemicals remain in the body varies from chemical to chemical and ranges from hours to decades. For chemicals that are excreted quickly, the fact that we can so consistently measure them indicates continual exposures that may have long-term effects on health.

Body Burden and Biomonitoring (Buy natural organic products)
Body burden refers to the levels of man-made chemicals in an individual’s body, generally measured through blood or urine. Large-scale biomonitoring programs that assess the levels of chemicals in a population or subset of a population would greatly support the ability of researchers to explore the links between exposures and disease. A gap in determining the long-term effects of chemical exposures upon disease has long been a lack of knowledge about chemical exposures and the intake of environmental toxins into the body. Ongoing biomonitoring programs would fill this vital data gap.

The Pollution in People (Buy natural organic products)

The largest U.S. body burden study to date measured the levels of 148 chemicals in approximately 3,000 people of varying ages, ethnicities and geographical locations (ii). This study, by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, detected a common sunscreen ingredient, benzophenone-3 (BP-3) in 96.8 percent of individuals (iii), and triclosan, an antibacterial agent often used in antibacterial soaps, in 74.6 percent of individuals (iv). A CDC study found residues of four different phthalates in more than 75 percent of subjects (v). Phthalates are found in numerous cosmetics, often as a constituent ingredient of fragrances. A 2008 study of teen girls by the Environmental Working Group revealed 16 hormone-altering cosmetics chemicals in their young test subjects (vi).

The CDC tests of 148 chemicals represents a very small percentage of the over 80,000 chemicals manufactured and the approximately 10,000 chemicals used in cosmetic products. The next edition of the CDC report, anticipated in 2009, will include measurements of 250 chemicals, an increase that still doesn't approach the total number of chemicals in commerce. Nevertheless, this and other studies illustrate that chemicals we use in an array of consumer products make their way into our bodies (vii). This knowledge also furthers our understanding of the links between the chemicals we use, the absorption of these chemicals into our bodies, and the known and probable health effects of these chemicals.

More Information (Buy natural organic products)

Report: "Earliest Exposures" biomonitoring study of pregnant women (2009)

Report: "Hazardous Chemicals in Health Care: A Snapshot of Chemicals in Doctors and Nurses" (2009)

Report: "Teen Girls' Body Burden of Hormone-Altering Cosmetics Chemicals" (2008)

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(Read your ingredients and know what you are putting on your body - Buy natural organic products)



Parabens are used to prevent the growth of microbes in cosmetic products and can be absorbed through the skin, blood and digestive system (i). They have been found in biopsies from breast tumors (ii) at concentrations similar to those found in consumer products (iii). Parabens are found in nearly all urine samples from U.S. adults of a variety of ethnic, socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds (iv).

Products That May Contain Parabens (Buy Paraben FREE Products)

Parabens are several distinct chemicals with similar a molecular structure. Four of these occur frequently in cosmetics: ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben. Methylparaben and propylparaben are the most common of these, each appearing in well over 10,000 of the 25,000 products in the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database.

Parabens appear mostly in personal care products that contain significant amounts of water, such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions and facial and shower cleansers and scrubs. While concentration limits are recommended for each paraben, these recommendations do not account for the use of multiple parabens in a single product or for exposure to parabens from several products by a single individual.

Health Concerns (Buy Paraben FREE Products)

EWG's Skin Deep database, which compares cosmetic ingredients to over 50 international toxicity databases, indicates that parabens are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and skin irritation (v). Since parabens are used to kill bacteria in water-based solutions, they inherently have some toxicity to cells (vi).

A 2004 UK study detected traces of five parabens in the breast cancer tumors of 19 out of 20 women studied (vii). This small study does not prove a causal relationship between parabens and breast cancer, but it is important because it detected the presence of intact parabens – unaltered by the body’s metabolism – which is an indication of the chemicals' ability to penetrate skin and remain in breast tissue.

Of greatest concern is that parabens are known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. Parabens mimic estrogen by binding to estrogen receptors on cells. They also increase the expression of genes usually regulated by estradiol (a form of estrogen); these genes cause human breast tumor cells to grow and multiply in cellular studies (viii).

Cosmetic manufacturers, particularly those in the natural/organic sector, are seeking effective alternatives to prevent microbial growth in personal care products. Another solution is to sell products with a shorter shelf life. Companies are testing new product formulations and have created preservative-free products with a shelf life of six months to one full year. For the products most people use daily – their favorite lotion, face wash or shampoo – products are likely to be used up before they would expire.

More Information

Skin Deep ingredient information: Parabens (Buy Paraben FREE Products)

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New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer

New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer
by Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times
May 6th, 2010

The President’s Cancer Panel is the Mount Everest of the medical mainstream, so it is astonishing to learn that it is poised to join ranks with the organic food movement and declare: chemicals threaten our bodies.

The cancer panel is releasing a landmark 200-page report on Thursday, warning that our lackadaisical approach to regulation may have far-reaching consequences for our health.

I’ve read an advance copy of the report, and it’s an extraordinary document. It calls on America to rethink the way we confront cancer, including much more rigorous regulation of chemicals.

Traditionally, we reduce cancer risks through regular doctor visits, self-examinations and screenings such as mammograms. The President’s Cancer Panel suggests other eye-opening steps as well, such as giving preference to organic food, checking radon levels in the home and microwaving food in glass containers rather than plastic.

In particular, the report warns about exposures to chemicals during pregnancy, when risk of damage seems to be greatest. Noting that 300 contaminants have been detected in umbilical cord blood of newborn babies, the study warns that: “to a disturbing extent, babies are born ‘pre-polluted.’ ”

It’s striking that this report emerges not from the fringe but from the mission control of mainstream scientific and medical thinking, the President’s Cancer Panel. Established in 1971, this is a group of three distinguished experts who review America’s cancer program and report directly to the president.

One of the seats is now vacant, but the panel members who joined in this report are Dr. LaSalle Leffall Jr., an oncologist and professor of surgery at Howard University, and Dr. Margaret Kripke, an immunologist at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Both were originally appointed to the panel by former President George W. Bush.

“We wanted to let people know that we’re concerned, and that they should be concerned,” Professor Leffall told me.

The report blames weak laws, lax enforcement and fragmented authority, as well as the existing regulatory presumption that chemicals are safe unless strong evidence emerges to the contrary.

“Only a few hundred of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States have been tested for safety,” the report says. It adds: “Many known or suspected carcinogens are completely unregulated.”

Industry may howl. The food industry has already been fighting legislation in the Senate backed by Dianne Feinstein of California that would ban bisphenol-A, commonly found in plastics and better known as BPA, from food and beverage containers.

Studies of BPA have raised alarm bells for decades, and the evidence is still complex and open to debate. That’s life: In the real world, regulatory decisions usually must be made with ambiguous and conflicting data. The panel’s point is that we should be prudent in such situations, rather than recklessly approving chemicals of uncertain effect.

The President’s Cancer Panel report will give a boost to Senator Feinstein’s efforts. It may also help the prospects of the Safe Chemicals Act, backed by Senator Frank Lautenberg and several colleagues, to improve the safety of chemicals on the market.

Some 41 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, and they include Democrats and Republicans alike. Protecting ourselves and our children from toxins should be an effort that both parties can get behind — if enough members of Congress are willing to put the public interest ahead of corporate interests.

One reason for concern is that some cancers are becoming more common, particularly in children. We don’t know why that is, but the proliferation of chemicals in water, foods, air and household products is widely suspected as a factor. I’m hoping the President’s Cancer Panel report will shine a stronger spotlight on environmental causes of health problems — not only cancer, but perhaps also diabetes, obesity and autism.

This is not to say that chemicals are evil, and in many cases the evidence against a particular substance is balanced by other studies that are exonerating. To help people manage the uncertainty prudently, the report has a section of recommendations for individuals:

Particularly when pregnant and when children are small, choose foods, toys and garden products with fewer endocrine disruptors or other toxins. (Information about products is at or

For those whose jobs may expose them to chemicals, remove shoes when entering the house and wash work clothes separately from the rest of the laundry.
*Filter drinking water.
*Store water in glass or stainless steel containers, or in plastics that don’t contain BPA or phthalates (chemicals used to soften plastics). *Microwave food in ceramic or glass containers.
*Give preference to food grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and growth hormones. Avoid meats that are cooked well-done.
*Check radon levels in your home. Radon is a natural source of radiation linked to cancer.

Be an educated consumer, know what you are putting on your body. Use only truly natural organic personal care products. Buy Natural Organic Products

Success Stories with K48 Plus

"I was diagnosed with lupus and Raynaud's 22 years ago. I got worse and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I've been in so much pain in all of my joints and crippled from RA. My doctor has told me twice that I would be in a wheel chair the rest of my life. I'm allergic to pain pills, so you can imagine how bad I have felt. I've been in a wheel chair and have used a walker, but I mostly used the walls and furniture to get around the house because I was too stubborn to use a wheelchair or walker. I stayed in bed this last time for over eight months. I worked in a pharmacy for almost twenty years. Prescriptions are all I've known. My family and I have known Roger and Marsha Ball and their family most of my life. I was upset because no one told me about JD Premium until a few months ago! I love Roger and Marsha for starting this company. I am so grateful for all of the products! I feel so GREAT, better than I have in years! I'm off all of my prescription meds now and can walk wherever I want now without assistance! I take the Essential 3 every day! I love this business because I can share it with my family and friends and help them feel better also!" -- Flora R., Idaho

"Whenever I've taken my son to the doctor's office for a runny nose or a cold, all they would say is that I would just have to deal with it. After hearing about SOL-RD I decided to try it the next time my son got a runny nose. I just mixed it with his juice or milk. By the end of the day, his runny nose was already looking better. By the end of three days he was completely well. I now recommend SOL-RD to everyone. I love how it is natural and safe for children, even babies." -- Cherie B., Idaho

"“I’m 61 and don’t exercise as often as I should, especially in the winter. So on the first beautiful spring day I got out the bike and rode way too long. My legs were like rubber. I felt energetic because I’d been taking the 3 Essentials. I expected to be in pain the next day. But I wasn’t. I felt terrific…like going on the same bike ride again. These are amazing products for getting me off the couch and into exercise.” Bill F., Idaho"

"I am 57 years old and in relatively good physical shape. I have never been the type of person that has worked out or even exercised on a regular basis. The occasional run or light workout would suffice. If I felt out of shape or the need for exercise or lifting weights, I would work out like a madman for a few hours, and that would be it for a few months. I know that is not the best way to stay in shape but, that is how I would do it. Staying in shape that way seemed to work fine for me until somewhere in my early 40s. When I hit that magic number of 40, it seemed like everything changed. I don't know exactly when it happened, but somewhere after 40 when I would do my normal crazy workout... boy did I pay for it! The day after I would do the exercise, my muscles would hurt, and I would take Motrin. The second day was terrible. My muscles would be so sore. It was keeping me from doing any kind of activity. My answer was to pop more Motrin. I chalked it up to just getting older. My friends and family would tell me their stories about getting older, and I believed them. When I felt the need to get in better shape, I’d do my crazy workout and suffer the consequences. This went on for 12 – 15 years until I started taking K48-PLUS in mid May ‘09. My family and I were at a resort for the fourth of July. I decided that I needed to work out in this resort’s huge gym. I knew I would suffer for it but decided to do it anyway. I had my Motrin with me! So I did the whole deal. I pushed it too, because I figured I was just going to lie around anyway, so I could suffer and not have to do anything. Much to my surprise, the next morning I was not in pain. I wondered why, but I thought the next day would be the real torture. That next morning at 5 am I woke up moving my arm and realized it didn't hurt. I could not believe it! I moved my legs, and they didn't hurt. I was moving my legs, my arms and my back so much that I woke my wife. I told her that I didn't hurt! She wasn't as excited as I was and told me to go back to sleep. I couldn't and got up and just walked and twisted and moved in awe of what had just happened. For 12 - 15 years I had not had that feeling of when you work your muscles and they feel worked but don't hurt. I felt like I did in my twenties and thirties. I even started running again. I had stopped because my feet, knees and back would hurt while I was running and especially the next few days afterward. It's a terrible thing to stop because of the pain, doing the very exercise that you should be doing as you get older. That’s when you need it the most. There have been other amazing changes. Like my waking up every night at 4 am to go to the bathroom. I haven't done that since July ‘09. That is probably more amazing than the lack of muscle pain. I can honestly say that I will never stop taking the K48-PLUS." Dave H., California

"I have had severe eczema since I was a baby. I have seen the doctor about it several times. I was told to install a water softener and was given prescriptions for steroid creams. Cold weather and having my skin in water a lot makes it flair up. Last fall I started taking K48-PLUS. After a short time, I noticed that my skin was clear and the eczema was gone, even during the winter. K48-PLUS is so simple to take, has not side effects, and is benefitting the rest of my body too!" - Justin E., Idaho

"I have been taking Maxalt for years for migraine headaches. I usually take 18 pills a month, sometimes 3 or 4 a day. I also take Fiorinal for headache pain. The pain meds also bring on depression. I started taking K48-PLUS in June. In July I took NO Maxalt for two weeks. My depression was mostly gone! I also noticed that my hip and knee pain is almost gone too. I have an adopted son, Jonathan, who has autism. He has had the best summer ever since taking K48-PLUS. He takes one in the morning and one at night. He’s been happier and calmer since he’s been on K48-PLUS. We’ll never be without it!" -- Robin M., Idaho

"I played organized baseball for 33 years. Now at age 48 my body is paying the price. I have had double knee replacements and my shoulders are shot. After only 2-1/2 weeks on K48-PLUS, the pain I lived with for the past 10 years has been greatly reduced. After 4 months on K48-PLUS I’ve discovered my FOUNTAIN of YOUTH! Also, my doctor told me my cholesterol is down where it should be. My whole family takes K48-PLUS with incredible results." -- Robert T., Nevada

"I have suffered from hay fever since I was a small child. I have been taking K48-PLUS for 5 months, and my allergy symptoms are down by at least 75% compared to past years. I no longer have itchy skin either, thanks to the shower products that have omega-3s in them. The only thing I have changed in my life is adding JD Premium products." -- Matt D., Idaho

"In January of 2009 my shoulder pain was so severe that I thought I would have to find another career. I have been a letter carrier for eleven years, and I was in so much pain I couldn’t use my left arm, due to a repetitive motion injury because of my job. With much reservation I tried K48-PLUS, and in 3 weeks I could live my life without my shoulder pain. I still don’t believe how easy it was to get my life back." -- Brandie C., Idaho

"My first cholesterol test was done on 1/15/09. My total cholesterol was 254/triglycerides 203/HDL 53/LDL 160. Three months later on 4/20/09 my total cholesterol dropped to 229. My triglycerides were 142/HDL 49/LDL 152. My third test was done two months later on 6/9/09. The total cholesterol went to 183/triglycerides 271, HDL 35, LDL 94. In 5 months my total cholesterol dropped 71 points! The only thing I changed was adding K48-PLUS."
-- Chris J., Nevada

"Taking care of my two children and their many friends made my life very full. When both my children moved out within months of each other, I was devastated. I fell into a deep, empty depression. I would cry myself to sleep almost every night. I’d see something in a store and just start crying. I started taking K48-PLUS. After about a month I was not depressed, not even a little bit. Thanks, JD Premium for drying my tears and making me feel so much better." -- Cynthia T., Nevada

"My cholesterol was up to 256 when I started taking K48-PLUS and Cholesterol Buster. In about 4 months my cholesterol went down to 199, a 57-point drop. I continued a pill a day of K48-PLUS but stopped the Cholesterol Buster. My cholesterol went back up to about 240. Over the past few months my knees have been bothering me more, so I upped my K48-PLUS to twice a day. My cholesterol is now 215. I have started taking Cholesterol Buster again along with the K48-PLUS to get my cholesterol where it needs to be." -- Jeff G., South Carolina

"I am 71 years old. Two years ago I was misdiagnosed with shingles, depression and anxiety. I was medicated. A year and a half ago I had an accident and after than I added even more medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and anxiety. I stopped taking my medications. Then I was introduced to K48-PLUS. In two weeks I lost 26 pounds. I have more energy than I’ve had in years. K48-PLUS gave me my life back." -- Helen S., Idaho

"In March of ’09 I was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia and spent thousands of dollars looking for a solution. My ailment was linked to hormone imbalance. In July I started taking K48-PLUS. I took 8 pills a day for a week and discovered that two K48-PLUS twice a day keeps away 98% of my pain and heart problems. Now my mental clarity is back. I had an EKG during the week of Nov. 16th ’09, and it was perfect. The doctor said it looked wonderful." -- Kathy M., Idaho

"I have had some serious personal health challenges that I've dealt with for the past 18 years. Taking the K48-PLUS and SOL-RD has changed my life forever. I have a completely different outlook on life. Negativity and depression were things that haunted me for many years as well, all of those ailments are gone. These supplements have made it so that I can actually think and make rational decisions. To most people these are automatic, but people like me have never had the clarity to be able to think before in my life!" -- Matt D., Utah

"I’ve been participating in runs for over 25 years, from 5Ks to ultra-marathons. Participating, not competing. It’s a great way to stay in shape. I started taking K48-PLUS about 4 months ago, and it is my new “training partner”. I have some pain after a marathon but nothing like before I started using it. The anti-inflammatory affect is only one benefit. My race results have changed too. I’ve been doing 12-13 minute miles for years. Since starting on the K48-PLUS, I’m doing 10 minute miles. I’ve done 3 marathons in the past 3 months and went from 5:23 to 5:09 to 4:37. It must be the product because my training has not changed at all." -- Brent S., Utah

"I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years. As the pain, inflammation, and damage has increased, I have been running out of medication options. One of my last resources was to be some very expensive and risky medications, which, even with insurance, I simply could not afford. In early June I became very ill with sinus infections and a persistent cough. No matter which antibiotics the doctors gave me, I still remained ill. Finally, at the beginning of August I went to a specialist and we prepared for surgery. A week later, I called my rheumatologist to see about getting off the medications, since they were immune-suppressants. He told me to get off them immediately, which I did. In the meantime on August 3rd I began taking K48-PLUS. My rheumatologist thought it would be fine. Within 3-4 weeks as the medications withdrew from my body and the K48-PLUS took over, I felt little pain and no swelling. When I saw my doctor on September 16th, he was amazed to see that the inflammation had gone down to such minimal amounts. He said I was going into remission." -- Beth H., UT

"My adult son complained of a scratchy throat, so I had him take 20 SOL-RD immediately. He started feeling better in 2 hours. He took 40 the next day and 20 a day for two more days. He felt a little tired, but never really came down with the flu. His friend who exposed him to H1N1 was in bed for a week. I was totally amazed. My daughter has tried to get rid of a rash on her legs for years. We’ve tried every imaginable prescription, lotion, and diet. SOL-RD is the only thing that has ever knocked it out. Our family will never be without SOL-RD." Kerrie H., ID

"After I started taking K48-PLUS, (1) My feet quit hurting after 2 weeks. (2) My shoulders and knees quit hurting after 5-6 weeks. It didn't register with me until my son seem surprised that I just hopped under a house we were working one day without complaining. (3) I haven't been comfortable sleeping on my left side for years. I even wondered if I was having heart problems. I now have no problem sleeping on either side. (4) My wife mentioned that her finger nails seemed to be getting stronger. I took a closer look and realized that my right thumb nail that was constantly splitting right back to the quick was not splitting any more. I am even more excited to see the changes in my friends." -- Ray C., Idaho

"I used to feel mildly sick and fatigued almost every day. Since I've been taking K48-PLUS for the last week, I don't feel sick anymore! In fact, I feel more alert, energized, and healthier than ever! The K48-PLUS is so powerful for me, I feel a warm soothing massage-like feeling in my heart every time, within minutes after taking it, and it feels soooo good! The only thing I can compare it to is when I drank some homemade vegetable juice one time, and I felt my whole body say "Ahhhhh!..." It's like that with the K48-PLUS,only it's much more potent, and it lasts all day! On top of that, the first time I took it, it got rid of my migraine within 5 minutes, and yesterday it took away another headache I was having within three minutes! I'm so impressed with K48-PLUS that I'm willing to share it with anybody! Thank GOD for providing such a miraculous ingredient in nature! And thank you to whoever went out to harvest this precious K48-PLUS and provided it so conveniently!" -- Ian S., Idaho

"I have been on medication for Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism) for the past 3 to 4 years. I started taking K48-PLUS about a year ago. Last May I ran out of my thyroid medication and realized that I actually felt okay even though I hadn't taken my medicine. I told my doctor that I hadn't been on my medicine in over a week and felt fine. So they checked all my levels. They were good and have been ever since. I have been off the medicine now for over 3 months and everything is good. My doctor said it would be rare for Graves Disease to go away on its own. He was amazed that it mysteriously went away. I learned from another doctor that because Graves Disease is an autoimmune disorder, there is a very good chance that the K48-PLUS was a key factor in helping my condition." -- Misty V., Idaho

"I have had a lot of burning and numbness in my feet and toes due to neuropathy. My doctor gave me a pill for it, but it didn't help very much. When I began taking K48-PLUS for my cholesterol, I noticed that the neuropathy symptoms began to go away. After 2 months of taking 3 K48-PLUS capsules a day, about 3/4ths of all the burning and 1/2 of the numbness is gone. I can bend my toes and feel them now. It's getting better all the time." -- Eugene M., Utah

"My right leg suddenly began turning red with significant swelling and inflammation circling 2/3rds to 3/4th of my leg. I also had severe nerve pains in the calf and ankle. My skin was also extremely sensitive to touch. I couldn’t stand anything to touch it. So I slept with a tent over my leg and a foam cushion under one side to tilt me to the only position where I could allow it to touch the bed. I applied Crystal Recovery Gel, Soothing Lavender Toner, and Radiant Moisture Therapy cream day and night. The deep red color in my leg began to turn lighter, the pains diminished, and they eventually went away. I'm also taking 4 capsules of K48-PLUS a day to supply the omega-3s. This has been a significant help." -- Var L., Idaho

"For the past few years I have been awakened in the night having to roll over because the pressure of the bed was making that part of my body hurt. I would roll to another position, sleep for awhile and then wake up and have to roll again. A friend told me K48-PLUS would make a difference. I decided to give it a try. I discovered in a very short time that I was no longer awakened in the night with discomfort. I thought it was a fluke. My wife had a mini stroke and was told that she had extremely high blood pressure. My friend told me she should be taking 4 of the K48-PLUS a day. Since I didn't have too many left I decided to stop taking them and let my wife have them. Guess what? Within a few days I started waking up several times during the night again." -- Ken L.. Idaho

"On November 15, '08 our son Beau had a really bad rodeo accident. They actually lost him in the arena, but then they brought him back and intubated him until they could get him to the hospital in South Dakota. He was in a coma for 20 days, and then he woke up and had to start learning everything all over again. He was doing well, but we knew there was just something more that he should be taking, so we took him to Dr. Hansen who put him on a liquid form of phosphatidylcholine. It was so hard to blend up and get used up that I told Dr. Hansen that we were through. I knew it was working but it was so hard to get Beau to take it. It wasn't worth it because it was pretty spendy. About that time Dr. Hansen told us about K48-PLUS with natural phosphatidylcholine in it. The third day he was on it, you could just tell the difference. His clarity was better, his face looked more alive. Everything started kicking in. After 6 weeks it was phenomenal what it had done for him. Now he's on it all the time. In fact, he just increased the dose. He's taking 6 a day now. We figure it's money well spent. More than just being back on his horse; he's back on it and alive. It could have been so easy for him to give up, but this gave him the encouragement to keep trying." -- William H., Idaho

"My doctor had me take K48-PLUS for my ankle pain from long-distance running. It was amazing. Later someone told me I could get the same thing at the drugstore for less. So I tried a drugstore krill oil product. Right away my pain returned. Needless to say, I was back on K48-PLUS immediately. It’s just not a bargain if it doesn’t work." -- Lisa D., Idaho

"An industrial chemical accident left me with burns over 18% of my body. Side effects, overdose, addiction, and eventual ineffectiveness of prescription pain medications plagued me for more than 15 years. When I began taking 2 capsules of K48-PLUS a day, nothing happened. I doubled the dose to 4, and after only 5 days began backing off my prescriptions pill by pill, day by day with little or no problems. I no longer worry about the negative effects of high doses of narcotics. I have replaced over $600.00 in monthly prescriptions" -- Deren S. , ID

"My wife has felt that she needed a right knee replacement. She hasn’t been able to kneel down. But after 30 days on K48-PLUS, she’s no longer in any pain; and she can kneel again. Her hands have lost their puffiness. She can move her ring up and down on her finger now. I’m feeling better and stronger with much more energy. We take 2 a day. It’s a gift to us." -- Blaine H. , UT

"I’m a cosmetologist, and within week and a half of taking K48-PLUS, I had no more pain in my neck and shoulders. For a cosmetologist, that is huge. I couldn’t turn my head to drive out of my driveway. So there was a lot of relief for me. If I don’t feel good, I can’t do my business. Now I feel like my whole insides are more oiled. I’ve got more mobility." - Cindy M. , ID

"I couldn’t sleep. I’d be awake 3 ½ hours every night getting only half the sleep I needed. When I started taking K48-PLUS, I noticed that I started sleeping all night long. I’ve been taking one pill at night and one in the morning. I’m sleeping every night. I also had Charlie Horses really bad in the night. I’ve noticed that I’m not getting up in the night with them any more." -- Bonnie s., ID

"I’ve had osteoarthritis for about 8 years from an old logging accident. My knee has been swollen up for a long time. I noticed after about 2 weeks of taking K48-PLUS that the swelling started to go down. I woke up and all of a sudden it was like being a new guy. It was like getting a new leg without a transplant. Now the swelling’s gone and I can almost run again. I’m 52 years old. I thought I was going to have to deal with it the rest of my life." -- Jeff H., ID

"Last month I ordered an extra bottle of K48-PLUS. I’m taking 3 capsules a day. When I started doing that, I noticed the pains in my shoulders going away. When I wrecked my motorcycle, I dislocated both shoulders and tore one shoulder up really bad. They always hurt. I was taking Ibuprofen every day. Now I don’t take it anymore. I had a twitch in my hand, and now it’s gone. It helps in so many ways. I’ve taken other supplements, and I’ve never had one effect me like this has, never." -- John, ID

"When we started taking K48-PLUS, right away we discovered we had a better attitude and felt more upbeat. I had stiff muscles and difficulty moving. My husband wore holes in the sheets from jerking his feet in pain at night. My feet are not stiff any more. I can walk on them, and it doesn’t hurt. We have had fabulous results from this product. When I compare taking fish oil with taking K48-PLUS, it’s like rocks and diamonds." -- Rebecca M., UT

"I was on a high dosage of Coumadin. I read on the bottle of K48-PLUS that if you’re on a blood thinner, be careful. That scared me. But I went ahead and started by taking one a day. After a month I got checked, and my doctor was able to cut my dosage of Coumadin. I went back in 10 days and he dropped it again. It happened 3 times. I’m down to almost half and hope to get completely off Coumadin soon." -- Ken M. , ID

"I am a severe diabetic…Lipitor, insulin, and everything. My sugars were between 200 and 300 before I started. Anything over 150 damages your organs. I didn’t change what I eat. Now my sugars are between 100 and 150. I got off Lipitor. This month I was able to cut my insulin use in half. The numbers don’t lie. I’d recommend K48-PLUS to any diabetic" -- Ken M., ID

"There’s nothing more alarming than to have my wife say, “I want to die.” I’ve taken her to hundreds of doctors with little benefit. When we heard about K48-PLUS, she asked her doctor about it. To my surprise, he had her start taking 6 a day. Within two weeks she started feeling much better. She still has bad and good days, but I don’t hear “I want to die” anymore. If you could see the good it has done to her, you’d be amazed. I can see improvement every day. It’s wonderful." -- Max H., UT

"After only 3 months on K48-PLUS, I’m seeing remarkable changes in my health—my dry skin is gone, my good cholesterol is up and my bad is down. I’ve tried all the juices in network marketing, and none of them did anything for me. But here’s a product with all kinds of science that shows it will actually do what they say it will do. It is working for me. It’s the best delivery system there is for omega-3s." -- Don L. , UT

"I’ve been in surgery because of motor bike accidents numerous times. All my joints were affected in some way, and as a young person in my 20s I was in a lot of pain. I couldn’t ride a snow machine for very long because I hurt. But since taking K48-PLUS every day my soreness is gone. I feel like a million bucks." -- Jared A. , ID

"My results in taking K48-PLUS were so remarkable that I signed up my orthopedic surgeon. I was in an especially bad car crash a year ago that smashed my ankle. I had a lot of metal put in. When I had the metal removed, my doctor said, “let’s do a test using 8 capsules a day before and after surgery.” Normally I would have been on crutches for 2 weeks. I was off crutches in 2 hours with no debilitating inflammation. It may seem like a miracle, but it’s simple science. K48-PLUS reduces inflammation." -- Josh A. , ID

"I have had chronic anemia for 15 years with over $300,000 in medical bills. When I lost my job and insurance, I could no longer afford the $16,000 treatments I needed. My doctors told me my body couldn’t absorb minerals and vitamins, so I didn’t think the K48-PLUS would help. However, within 5 days I had energy, I felt great, and the black lines under my eyes began disappearing. I got involved in the business opportunity because so many people wanted to know why I was suddenly feeling so much better. They wanted to try the product. It’s not only a lifesaver for my health but great financial security for me and my three children" -- Mindi.S. , UT

"My good Cholesterol is up and my bad cholesterol is down. My vision is pretty well shot in my left eye from macular degeneration. A couple of years ago my other eye began going. I had many expensive surgical procedures to keep from going blind. When I went for my appointment this week the test surprised me as much as the doctors. With my right eye I could read the very small print. I didn’t need the treatment. To me it’s an absolute miracle to be getting improvement from macular degeneration."
-- Jim M. , UT

"The thing that has endeared me to K48-PLUS for good, is that I’ve noticed my knees don’t hurt as bad after taking it for two months. After riding in and driving 18 wheelers and heavy equipment “literally” since I was in diapers, my knees know about it. I can’t promise it’ll help your knees, but it’s sure helped mine, and I LIKE IT!" -- Ronnie H., LA

"I have been a diabetic for the past eight years. I started taking K48-PLUS and after two months I had my yearly blood work done. All my tests came back in the high normal range. In fact, my bad readings were raised to normal. I was so impressed that I switched my order to the complete Supplement Pack. This has been one of the best moves I’ve ever made. My energy is up and I feel great!" -- Jim P. , MO

"I am 56 and have had 2 major surgeries on my left knee and 3 on my right. Two weeks after starting the Supplement Pack, the swelling in my knees had gone down to almost nothing, and I was moving much better. I stopped taking three brand name pain relievers each day for my knee pain and stiffness. I now go several days without taking any. By the end of the first month I had lost 18 lbs. I have far more energy. I am more focused, and I am sleeping much more soundly." -- Norm S. , ID

"I have been suffering with osteoarthritis in my left knee for several years. Lately, it’s been extremely difficult to walk without pain or limping. I started taking the Supplement Pack two months ago. I began to realize less and less pain. My knee was becoming more limber, and my range of motion was improving. I began taking less and less of my prescribed medication. I feel better, I have more energy, and I am definitely in less pain. In fact, on most days, I am pain-free." -- Fran B., AL

"Without taking any medications my starting blood pressure was 165/120, my glucose was 269, my total cholesterol was 282, my HDL was 70, and my LDL was 151. Eight months later after taking the Supplement Pack daily my blood pressure was 130/75, my glucose was 135, my overall cholesterol was 169, my HDL was 90, and my LDL was128. My doctor asked me what I had changed in my diet. The only things were no soda and the supplements!" -- Walter G. , NJ

"My 9-year-old German shepherd has severe hip displacia and couldn’t stand very long without falling down. Sometimes when he would fall he would “yipe” from the pain. He has had this disability for about a year now. Two weeks after he started taking K48, he was standing and walking without falling. He has changed from being depressed and in pain to wanting to play. He seems to get a little better every day."
-- Gina C. , AR

"I have had depression issues all of my life and have been going through a fairly long period recently. Within a week of taking K48, the depression was gone and has not returned. It’s something very healthy, without the side effects of drugs. Because of the results I have seen, I am getting very involved! I want to make sure everyone I come into contact with at least has a chance to find out about the K48 and the other products." -- Lani V. ,ID

"I am an ironman triathlete and have trained consistently for many years. Over the last decade I’ve seen my abilities and recovery time go steadily down. As a medical doctor I’ve tried every process and supplement I could find to bring back the endurance I once had. Since taking K48-PLUS I’ve literally seen 20 years shaved off my athletic abilities and my recovery time." -- Dr. Mike B. , ID

"My husband has had Parkinson’s for several years. We recently saw a dramatic downturn. Within the first week of taking the Supplement Pack from JD Premium, that all changed. At this point we figure his health is back to what it was a little over a year ago. He has been doing things that he has not been able to do for well over a year. His outlook and mood have improved, and he laughs again. That alone is worth everything to us!" -- Lani V. , ID

"I had pneumonia and was only getting worse when I first started taking K48-PLUS. I also had really severe heart problems and was on insulin for type-2 diabetes. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to recover from pneumonia, and at the same time my heart problems normalized and I was able to get off my insulin. I’m amazed at the results." -- Darren B., ID

"My 6-year-old adopted daughter has an autistic spectrum disorder that could only be controlled with medications up to $900 a month. Within 3 weeks on K48-PLUS we saw remarkable results. She can now sleep through the night. She had to be on a leash in public because she would dash in front of cars. She’s much calmer now and doing better every day. She takes 5 capsules of K48-PLUS a day and is off her expensive medications. I have a new daughter thanks to K48-PLUS." -- Jeff A. , ID

Not All Omega-3s Are Created Equal

Why phospholipids get through so much quicker and work more effectively.

The omega-3 found in krill oil is bonded to a Phospholipid rather than a Triglyceride. Phospholipids don’t need bile for digestion. They spontaneously form micelles and are dissolved immediately in water passing easily through the villi of the small intestine. They’re distributed immediately throughout the body by blood plasma and even the lymphatic system.

Once they reach the cells, they are immediately absorbed through the cell wall and the omega-3 is delivered to the mitochondria. When omega-3s are bonded to phospholipids instead of triglycerides, scientists find greater concentrations of omega-3s in the cells of critical organs such as the brain and the liver.

K48-Plus Premium Omega-3 E. Superba Extract—the most pure form of krill oil on the market

K48-PLUS is extracted from fresh, raw krill on floating factories in the pure, pristine waters of the Antarctic. These floating factories brave the harsh conditions of this untouched part of the world to harvest these amazing animals and keep them alive and fresh under water until they are ready for processing on that same vessel.

This means that the bioactive elements in the krill are of the highest possible potency. Our K48-PLUS is the most bio-available and pure form of omega-3s available.

Why our E. Superba extract is significantly better than other krill oil on the market.

K48-PLUS uses only the Euphausia Superba species of krill. Many inferior krill products harvest numerous species and combine them before extracting the oil. These other species don’t contain the same properties and benefits as the E. Superba but are more easily harvested and thus less expensive.

K48-PLUS Premium Omega-3 E. Superba Extract is just that, a pure extract from ONLY the E. Superba species. Not an assortment of species. That’s why we call ours an E. Superba extract and not just krill oil. It is more pure and more potent.

We use a state-of-the-art cold extraction process that preserves the beneficial properties of this amazing oil as opposed to a process that uses heat or steam. These inferior processing methods are less expensive and easier to extract, but they damage the quality of the oil.

K48 PLUS also delivers vitamin E, vitamin A, and a significant amount of a potent anti-oxidant known as astaxanthin. When compared to fish oil, the absorbability and antioxidant potency of K48 PLUS was found to be at least 48 times greater than fish oil on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity) chart.

Recent third-party clinical analysis reveals that many other brands of so called “high quality” krill oil on the market dilute the pure oil with other oils, usually plant oils. This makes it less expensive but also less effective.

Where your health is concerned, it’s important to know that not all krill oils are equal. You must know what they contain. As omega-3 products become more popular—especially krill oil—an increasing number of subpar and mediocre products will continue to be introduced into the market. Many of these products are ineffective, making them a complete waste of money.

The oil used in K48-PLUS is pure E. Superba extract while the oil in others may be mixed with other marine and plant oils with significantly lower omega-3s, antioxidant benefits and bioactivity. Diluting the oil makes it less expensive but also less effective. The E. Superba extract used in K48-PLUS is not heat or steam processed. It is cold processed from freeze-dried krill. The processing of most leading brands involves high temperatures and steam, which further degrades the quality of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients.

Krill oil:
378 times greater in antioxidant value (ORAC) than Vitamins A and E
o 48 times greater antioxidant (ORAC) absorption than fish oil
o 21-64% less PMS symptoms including stress compared with fish oil
o 38.4% less pain from osteoarthritis compared with a placebo
o 39.1% less stiffness from osteoarthritis compared with a placebo
o 30.9% less signs of inflammation (lower CRP)
o 25.4% lower triglycerides
o 44.4% lower LDL cholesterol
o 6.6% lower glucose

Monday, May 24, 2010

Skeletal Muscle Abnormalities in Patients with Fibromyalgia

Skeletal Muscle Abnormalities in Patients with Fibromyalgia

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Widespread muscle pain and tender points are the most common complaints of fibromyalgia patients, and the underlying mechanisms responsible for these symptoms have been studied intensively during the past decade. It has been suggested that fatigue and pain may lead to decreased levels of physical activity in many patients. The resulting deconditioned state may itself contribute to muscle abnormalities. Associated symptoms such as disturbed sleep, anxiety, depression, or irritable bowel also may have a negative impact on muscle function and level of daily activities. The important interactions between the central nervous and musculoskeletal systems may involve another element, the neuroendocrine stress-response system. This review will consider both the current state of knowledge and also future studies which might be designed to answer more effectively the outstanding questions regarding the underlying pathogenesis of fibromyalgia

Natural Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care

Natural, Organic, Non-Toxic (advertisement)
Belle Peau Natural Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care Gift Set - 6 Products in a gift bag (Belle Peau - French for Beautiful Skin)

FREE Vinyl organza drawstring gift bag with FREE Travel Size Eye Herbal Comfort Buddy - $136.00 Retail Value

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Natural Organic Ingredients ~ Certified Vegan, Chemically Safe ~ Paraben Free ~ USDA Certified Organic, Organically Preserved. Non-Toxic, Clean & Pure Anti-Aging Skin care

"I really love them! Everything is really nice. Great product line!"

The JES Belle Peau Natural Organic Anti-Aging Skin care set contains:
The Belle Peau Anti-Aging skin care line will help you to have fresh, softer, and younger appearing skin. Skin texture and fine lines visibly improved in weeks.

Belle Peau
STEP 1: Exfoliate (Use this step 3 times per week)

Natural Organic Anti-Aging Refining Exfoliant

JES Belle Peau Natural Organic Anti-Aging Skin care system.
Organic Anti-Aging Refining Facial Exfoliant is perfect for maturing skin. This gentle exfoliant will uncover soft gorgeous radiant skin.


GREAT! My daughter and I have been trying out your new organic products and we LOVE this exfoliant! Mild scent, gentle but thorough exfoliation, and cleanses great.

I love this product, it works really great, very nice.

Belle Peau
STEP 2: Cleanse (Morning and Night) Natural Organic Anti-Aging Revitalizing Cleanser

JES Belle Peau Natural Organic Anti-Aging REVITALIZING Cleanser is packed with advanced anti-aging and free radial fighting antioxidant ingredients. This cleanser leaves your skin velvety smooth, clean, and nourished. Aloe, rooibos tea, and pomegranate have a soothing effect on the skin. The green papaya, pineapple and papaya extracts have gentle exfoliating properties.

This is the cleanser I've been wishing for! I love it!

I'm turning 50 and have always taken great care with my skin. I've known about natural cleansing with oils for a long time, and have tried many other options. This is the BEST cleanser I have ever skin is looking amazing.

This does not leave your face oily or dry. It imparts the most wonderful velvety texture to my face. I use it with the DMAE/MSM toner ...what a combo! I'm hooked & happy.

I tried a sample of this product and I can't believe how velvety soft my skin feels after just one use. In the past I was lazy about using my skin care regime but now I am addicted and use this program religiously because it makes my face look noticeably younger and feels wonderful!

Belle Peau
STEP 3: Tone (Morning and Night)

Natural Organic Anti-Aging Firming Toner

DMAE is an amazing nutrient that extends the life of cells, inhibits the cross linking of proteins, which gives the skin a tone and firm appearance. MSM is soothing and calming for the skin. Toners are a critical part of a daily skin regime to help close the pores, adjust the PH of the skin and lift any dirt or oil brought to the surface with your cleanser. DMAE can cause a tingling sensation.


Awesome Toner and Value! Thank you!

Wow! I love this toner. It makes my skin feel wonderful. I had bought something similar for a whole lot more. Wish I'd found you sooner. Your products are top-notch and an incredible value! Carol, Washington

Mild and soothing toner for my mature sensitive skin. Fantastic! Vicki, Vermont

We sell your products in our salon and this facial toner is our #1 selling skin care product and is totally awesome! It's super hydrating and has a slight tingling sensation on the skin. We can't keep it on our shelves! Thank you! Judy, Wisconsin

Great Great Product. I have always used an astringent in my skin care routine but have not incorporated a toner until now. This product really works and I can't wait to wash my face so I can use it! Shelly, Nevada

I have been using all the DMAE items for a layering affect.. working great so far and I am in my 60s in a dry climate! Nancy, Idaho

Belle Peau
STEP 4: Moisturize (Morning and Night)
Natural Organic Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Moisturizer

This moisturizer is perfect for maturing skin with rose, DMAE, MSM, rooibos & pomegranate extracts and hyaluronic acid that work together to provide your skin with the ultimate moisture, minimizing fine lines and rejuvenating your skin, leaving it velvety smooth.


"I really love this whole line of products. I have noticed a visible difference in my skin in just a very short time and I get compliments all the time on my skin. Everyone tells me that I have no wrinkles and I am 60. It pays to take care of your skin with good products. I want to say too that the price is very reasonable. I compared your prices to the other anti-aging skin care lines and it was shocking. With your skin care, I am getting larger bottles and the prices are still less than the other companies. The others had alot of chemicals too - that is really important to be organic and non-toxic. I can't say enough about it! Thanks so much for great products and fair prices!"

"I love it, not greasy or heavy. It takes just a little bit so I have a feeling this bottle will last me a really long time - great value and fantastic ingredients. I must say it is making my skin look and feel great!"

Belle Peau
STEP 5: (Morning & Night)
Natural Organic Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Eye Crème

Eye Crèmes are designed to super moisturize the finest skin on your face. When you apply eye crèmes always use your ring finger or pinky to apply products around the delicate area of your eyes with only gentle pressure.


Wonderful! I started out on the eye area and was impressed with the results. So much so that I used it on my whole face...WOW! I look like I've gotten more sleep than I actually did! My face is moisturized even in our 10 degree weather! Plus it doesn't make me break out like everything else on the planet does...Love it. Melissa, California

Really rich. I bought a sample of this product and a little goes a long way. I use it under the eyes and on my eyelids. I originally didn't think this would make a good facial cream, but I was wrong. I have used it on my entire face (a little goes a long way) and it's one of the better moisturizers I've ever used. Not oily on my normal skin at all. Great product! Becky, Colorado

50 turn 20 again! I bought some samples for my friends and family to try out before I see about selling it and WOW! Everyone LOVES it!!! My aunt says her eyes have not looked so good in 30 years! Great stuff, keep it up!

Love It! So Thick! Wow...what a wonderful crème! I ordered a sample, use it every day, and it's still mostly full! Thick and creamy and feels so good I put it under my eyes and on my eyelids. Best I've ever used. I will definitely be ordering this again.

Ostera™: Revolutionary Nutraceutical Addresses an Unfilled Gap in Postmenopausal Bone Health

Ostera™: Revolutionary Nutraceutical Addresses an Unfilled Gap in Postmenopausal Bone Health

San Clemente, CA (March 9, 2009) — Metagenics, Inc. said today that it has launched a new nutraceutical called Ostera. This unique nutritional supplement supports the special needs of postmenopausal women, whose bone health may be affected by declining estrogen levels.*

Ostera is formulated to target bone remodeling, the normal lifelong process whereby old or damaged bone tissue is replaced by new bone tissue.

Conventional approaches to postmenopausal bone health may have adverse affects or not be well-tolerated. By contrast, Ostera is a gentle, all-natural formula without reported serious adverse effects.

Ostera is intended to complement natural bone mineralization support products, such as calcium and other minerals.* Its active ingredients are:

· Extracts from berberine and rho iso-alpha acids from hops — key botanical compounds shown to beneficially influence key markers of bone remodeling. In postmenopausal women, a decline in estrogen levels can contribute to changes in bone remodeling, where the rate of bone breakdown outpaces the rate of new bone formation.*

· Vitamin K – necessary for the metabolism of bone proteins crucial to bone integrity.*

· Vitamin D – associated with healthy bone formation and bone mineralization.*

Ostera was developed using Metagenics’ proprietary nutraceutical development model called the ExpresSyn® process. This exclusive model combines cellular research, safety evaluations, human ex vivo research, and clinical research. Through the ExpresSyn Process, Metagenics researchers have discovered a new generation of natural ingredients, such as acacia and hops, which function at the cellular level as selective kinase response modulators (SKRMs).*

Clinical research included a randomized, single-blinded, placebo-controlled study in which 77 postmenopausal women with low estrogen were placed on a lifestyle change program that included a Mediterranean-style, low-glycemic-load diet and 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. The participants in the “Ostera arm” received the supplement twice daily for twelve weeks following a two-week run-in phase. The participants in the “control arm” received a placebo.

According to Joseph J. Lamb, MD, Metagenics Director of Intramural Clinical Research, “The Ostera arm reported no serious adverse affects and showed greater improvement in key biomarkers of bone remodeling.”* These biomarkers included:

· Osteocalcin (OC), an indicator of the rate of bone remodeling. A lower level of serum OC, moving towards reference range, is associated with a slower rate of bone breakdown in postmenopausal women. The Ostera arm displayed a statistically significant reduction in serum OC, while the control arm displayed an increase.*

· Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), a recognized marker of bone formation and important in the maintenance of a healthy skeleton. IGF-1 declines after menopause. Both arms displayed a statistically significant increase in serum IGF-1; however the Ostera arm showed a greater average increase.*

· Vitamin D, which influences bone formation and is critical for calcium absorption to facilitate mineralization. The Ostera arm displayed a statistically significant increase in vitamin D status. The control arm displayed a decrease.*

· OC/Urinary N-telopeptide of type 1 procollagen (NTx), a marker of bone resorption. Ostera arm participants with high baseline NTx levels displayed a statistically significant reduction in serum OC. Control arm participants with high baseline NTx levels displayed an increase in serum OC.*

“Early on, we identified a need for a clinically tested, all-natural formula to support healthy bone remodeling,” said Lamb. “We believe Ostera fills that gap, thereby providing a further degree of support to postmenopausal women for whom bone mineralization support products, such as calcium and other minerals, may not be enough.” As with all Metagenics nutritional formulas, Ostera is only available through licensed health care practitioners.

Individuals interested obtaining Ostera should contact their health care professionals. Meta-eHealth

About Metagenics, Inc.
Metagenics, headquartered in San Clemente, CA, is a global life sciences company focused on reversing chronic illness and improving health. Founded in 1983, the company serves tens of thousands of health care professionals and more than a million patients throughout the world and holds more than 40 propriety formula patents for use in nutraceucials, medical foods, and pharmaceuticals. Today, Metagenics continues its leadership role by successfully merging the disciplines of nutritional genomics, functional medicine, and therapeutic lifestyle change programs to find solutions to society’s most pressing health concerns.

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Adrenal Support Formula

Adrenal Support Formula with 14 researched nutrients

Our product developers were assigned the task of developing the most advanced adrenal support product based on published research. After a thorough review of the literature, they formulated Energy Multi-Plex™ --- the total energy formula. A favorite among doctors and patients, Energy Multi-Plex™ is a reasonably priced answer to many people's dreams of more energy.

“I have improved energy after supplementing with NT Factor Energy and Energy Multi-Plex. Especially notable are the increased maximal sudden power, endurance, and ability to recover during exercise and also for the next day events - for example in distance bicycling on hilly roads and weight lifting and aerobic exercising at the Y. These two Researched Nutritionals products were added to a thorough treatment program for a longer-term fatigue illness from tick borne infection complex illness in the later, more recent stages of therapy. I think the products address some of what we know about mitochondrial damage in the longer-term fatigue- like syndromes and look forward to discussing this further with others interested in increased energy. I have no conflicts of interest in my dialogues regarding Researched Nutritionals products.” --- H. Smith MD

Each bottle provides a one month supply of the following complexes and health benefits:
Energymax™ Complex: Targeted blend of D-ribose, panax ginseng which
• promotes healthy energy levels by raising the level of the body’s energy fuel, ATP
• supports healthy cognitive performance

MuscularEnergy™ Complex: Combination of malic acid and rhodiola rosea which
• plays a key role in energy producing Kreb’s Cycle
• has an adaptogenic affect to support physical activity

Mitrochondria Energizer™ Complex: Powerful duo of acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid which
• acts as a catalyst for ATP production in mitochondria
• improves mitochondrial function while promoting healthy cognitive function

Metabolism Plus™ Complex: Natural, non-stimulation blend of pyruvic acid and 7-Keto DHEA which
• naturally increases, without artificial stimulation, resting metabolism
• multiple studies show increased fat utilization (fat loss) as an energy source
• promotes fat loss through thermogenesis

HeartStrong™ Complex: Hight potency Co Q10 and L-Taurine which
• is used by the body to transform food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy on which the body runs
• promotes healthy heart and gum tissue
• modulates the immune system
• promotes healthy heart beat and cell wall stability

Key Nutrient Blend: pantothenic acid, vitamin B-12, magnesium and potassium which
• are essential nutrients involved in producing, transporting and releasing energy from fat
• promotes healthy neuromuscular function and muscle contractions

Suggested Use
As a dietary supplement, take three capsules per day (at one time or throughout the day) or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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Medical Food with Ribose, l-Carnitine, Acetyl l-Carnitine, Malic Acid & Magnesium

Medical Food with Ribose, l-Carnitine, Acetyl l-Carnitine, Malic Acid & Magnesium

RibosCardio™ has been designed to support serious energy needs of patients. The product has been formulated with CardioPerform™, a potent blend of L-carnitine (transports fuel into the heart to be burned as energy) and Acetyl L-carnitine (improves heart & brain health, protecting against oxidative damage), plus the patented form of D-Ribose, malic acid and magnesium gluconate to optimize energy production and synthesis.

Published research shows our patented form of D-ribose may be an effective adjunct in promoting cardiovascular, skeletal muscle, and neurological health. With heart patients, D-ribose has been found effective in restoring energy, improving ventilatory efficiency, oxygen uptake, stroke volume, diastolic function, physical performance, and quality of life. In neuromuscular disease, D-ribose helps to reduce pain, overcome fatigue, increase exercise tolerance, and help patients live more normal, active lives.

RibosCardio™'s magnesium gluconate and malic acid help your body use energy more efficiently. Your cells use magnesium in over 300 enzyme reactions, and it distributes energy evenly throughout the cell so it is available when and where it is needed. Malic Acid helps your mitochondria recycle the energy you have, maximizing cellular energy output.

D-Ribose Research Highlights
Cardiovascular Function: Scientific and clinical studies have repeatedly shown that our patented D-Ribose can restore energy and improve function in ischemic, hypoxic, and failing hearts. Oxygen deprivation causes hearts to use energy faster than it can be replaced through normal processes of tissue energy turnover. The result is a depletion of cellular energy reserves translating to a loss of heart function.

Mid-study results of an ongoing double blind, crossover trial with congestive heart failure patients were recently reported. Results showed conclusively that when patients were given ribose (15 grams per day for three weeks) they had improved diastolic heart function, increased physical function score and enhanced quality of life score. Echocardiographic studies of these patients showed that ribose administration enhanced relaxation of the left ventricle and improved the efficiency of filling from the left atrium. No such improvements were found during placebo administration (3).

RibosCardio™ increases cardiac energy to help fuel the heart. For patients, this can mean more energy and a higher quality of life.

Sports Nutrition: In skeletal muscle, high-intensity exercise can lead to a loss of up to 26% of cellular adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. One consequence of this energy drain is an increase in free radicals in affected muscle. Free radicals attack cell and mitochondrial membranes and can destroy the genetic material that helps muscle tissues synthesize proteins.

RibosCardio™ helps in three ways. First, if enough ribose is present in the cell or the circulating blood, energy compounds can be saved, or salvaged, before they wash out of the cell and are lost. Second, ribose accelerates energy synthesis, so if energy compounds are lost, they can be quickly replaced. Finally, by keeping the energy compounds in the cell, RibosCardio™ reduces free radical formation and preserves the energy the tissue needs to make proteins essential for maintaining muscle health and performance. This energy improvement has been shown to increased performance over time. A study published in the journal, Current Therapeutic Research, showed that male recreational bodybuilders experienced a significant improvement in both muscular endurance (20% increase over the four weeks versus a 12%for the placebo group) and muscular endurance (3.2% increase over the four weeks versus a 1.7% for the placebo group) following 28 days of our patented D-Ribose supplementation(1).

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The muscle in patients with FMS and CFS is generally severely energy starved. This lack of energy leads to a number of physiological reactions within the muscle cell, ending in debilitating fatigue, muscle pain, soreness, and stiffness. By increasing the energy level in affected muscle, our patented D-Ribose helps patients overcome fatigue, and lessens the pain associated with their conditions.

Natural and Organic Products

Natural and Organic Products

You might expect a product labeled "pure, natural and organic" to be, well … pure, natural and organic. But you might be in for a surprise.

Unlike the food industry, there are no legal standards for organic or natural personal care products sold in the United States. This means that companies can, and often do, use these terms as marketing gimmicks. For example, the top-selling shampoo in the United States is Clairol Herbal Essences, which until recently claimed to offer users an "organic experience." However, there isn't much about this product that is either herbal or organic; it contains more than a dozen synthetic petrochemicals and has a moderate toxicity rating in Skin Deep.

Even top-selling brands in the natural products sector have been found to contain 1,4-dioxane, a synthetic chemical carcinogen.

New industry standards are emerging that may help consumers differentiate between the natural and not-so-natural products, but multiple standards with different meanings may not be helpful for consumers. For example, some require safety substantiation from a certifying body and others don't. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is advocating for a standard that means ingredients are both natural and safe for people.

What You Can Do

Encourage your favorite retailers and manufacturers of natural and organic products to clarify their use of the terms. Most importantly, be a critical consumer and remember that natural is a marketing term, not a legally binding description.

More Information

Science and health effects: 1,4-dioxane

Very few, if any, cosmetics or personal care products list 1,4-dioxane as an ingredient (i), even though an analysis by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics co-founder the Environmental Working Group suggests that it may be found in 22 percent of the more than 25,000 products in the Skin Deep database of cosmetics products (ii). That's because 1,4-dioxane is a frequent contaminant of common cosmetics ingredients (iii), but as a contaminant it is not listed among intentionally added ingredients.

Products That May Contain 1,4-dioxane

Because it is a contaminant produced during manufacturing, the FDA does not require 1,4-dioxane to be listed as an ingredient on product labels. Without labeling, there is no way to know for certain how many products contain 1,4-dioxane—and no guaranteed way for consumers to avoid it.

Most commonly, 1,4-dioxane is found in products that create suds, like shampoo, liquid soap and bubble bath. Environmental Working Group's analysis suggests that 97 percent of hair relaxers, 57 percent of baby soaps and 22 percent of all products in Skin Deep may be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane (iv). Independent lab tests co-released by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in 2007 showed that popular brands of children's bubble bath and body wash contained 1,4-dioxane.

Besides sodium laureth sulfate, other common ingredients that may be contaminated by 1,4-dioxane include PEG compounds and chemicals that include the clauses "xynol," "ceteareth" and "oleth."

Where It Comes From

1,4-dioxane is generated through a process called ethoxylation, in which ethylene oxide, a known breast carcinogen, is added to other chemicals to make them less harsh. This process creates 1,4-dioxane. For example, sodium laurel sulfate, a chemical that is harsh on the skin, is often converted to the less-harsh chemical sodium laureth sulfate (the “eth” denotes ethoxylation), which can contaminate this ingredient with 1,4-dioxane.

Alternatives do exist, but many companies don't take advantage of them. Vacuum-stripping can remove 1,4-dioxane from an ethoxylated product, or manufacturers can skip ethoxylation entirely by using less-harsh ingredients to begin with (v). Organic standards do not allow ethoxylation at all. A study by the Organic Consumers Association (vi) shows that 1,4-dioxane is nonexistent in a variety of cosmetics produced and certified under the USDA National Organic Program, as well as other products.

Health Concerns

Research shows that 1,4-dioxane readily penetrates the skin (vii). 1,4-dioxane is considered a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (viii) and listed as an animal carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program (ix). It is included on California’s Proposition 65 list of chemicals known or suspected by the state to cause cancer or birth defects (x). The California Environmental Protection Agency also lists 1,4-dioxane as a suspected kidney toxicant, neurotoxicant and respiratory toxicant.

It is highly unlikely that any one product containing 1,4-dioxane will cause harm on its own. However, repeated exposures from many different products add up. The same baby could be exposed to 1,4-dioxane from baby shampoo, bath bubbles and body wash in a single bath, as well as from other contaminated personal care products today, tomorrow and the next day. Repeated exposures to a single carcinogen, synergistic effects from exposures to multiple carcinogenic and mutagenic ingredients, and concerns about exposures at key points in development (such as pregnancy, infancy and puberty) are cause for concern even though little risk is evident from a single small exposure. Buy only natural, organic, non-toxic products.

The Health (and Beauty) Dangers of Common Soaps & Antibacterial Ingredients

The Health (and Beauty) Dangers of Common Soaps & Antibacterial Ingredients
Buy only natural, organic, non-toxic products.

If you are like most people, you believe that bar soap - the oldest cleanser around -is harmless. So you may be quite surprised to learn that today's popular commercial soaps contain synthetic compounds that are loaded with health risks.

These are some of the most common health symptoms that studies have linked to ingredients found in common commercial soaps and commercial personal care products:

  • Sinus Problems

  • Exacerbated Asthma Conditions

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea

  • Migraine Headaches

  • "Unexplained" Sore Throats & Cough
  • Rashes, Hives, Dermatitis, Eczema

  • Irritations to mouth, eyes, skin, lungs

  • Chest Tightness

  • Shortness of Breath

You should know right away that the government does not regulate what "natural" means in soaps labeled natural, so commercial soaps can freely claim to be natural while still using the synthetic compounds discussed below - and they do. If you are already using a "natural" soap, or if you intend to seek a safe alternative, please keep this in mind.

Three Potentially Risky Synthetic Compounds

While there are a number of chemical concerns, there are three synthetic components in commercial soaps you need to be most concerned with:

1) Triclosan

2) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

3) Fragrance

Most of the commercial bar soaps (and liquid and other forms) on the market today are composed of these and other chemicals.


The first antibacterial liquid hand soap exploded onto the market in 1995, claiming to be ten times more effective at eliminating disease carrying germs than regular liquid soap. In the eleven years since, antibacterial soaps have become a 16 billion dollar a year industry, adding shampoo, dishwashing detergent, toothpaste and various household cleaners to the "antibacterial" list.

Today, 75% of liquid soaps and over 30% of bar soaps in the US are antibacterial, all containing the synthetic chemical triclosan. Triclosan is the main ingredient in antibacterial products. The intention of triclosan is to prevent bacteria from reproducing, limiting the amount of bacteria on your skin, thereby decreasing illnesses.

Yet a study published in March 2004 found that people who used antibacterial soaps and cleaners developed cold and allergy symptoms as often as those who used regular soaps and cleaners, offering little more protection than ordinary soap against the most common germs.

Current research is showing us that if the widespread use of anti-bacterial soap continues in such an overused frenzy, we could be faced with super germs we can't get rid of.

What the Antibacterial Soap Makers Don't Tell Us

The triclosan in antibacterial soaps does NOT discriminate between good and bad bacteria. But we need good bacteria to survive, to help defend us against bad, harmful bacteria. Our immune systems are being left increasingly vulnerable with the use of antibacterial soaps. Children especially should be exposed to some bacteria in early childhood in order to strengthen their immune systems, but the primary marketing target of the commercial antibacterial soaps is parents with young children. Children who are not exposed to these common bacteria -- because they are being wiped out by antibacterial soap -- may be more prone to allergies and asthma.

Numerous studies have also found that the ongoing use of triclosan:

  • Has been shown to kill your skin cells

  • Dries your skin

  • Can aggravate skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis

  • Does nothing to prevent most illnesses, since colds, flues and more are typically viral (and antibacterial only kills bacteria, not viruses)

  • Dioxin, a highly carcinogenic may be formed during the manufacturing process of triclosan, making it a likely contaminant.

  • Finally, triclosan has now been found in 3 out of 5 women's breast milk. It is also one of the most detected compounds in rivers, streams and other bodies of water, often in high concentrations, and is highly toxic to a number of different types of algae. This could have very destructive effects on aquatic ecosystems.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS)
One of the most dangerous chemicals being added to virtually every personal care product you can imagine, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, and cosmetics, is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS). SLS is an anionic surfactant and the most commonly used chemical in car soaps, garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers and personal care products. Buy soaps free of sulfates.

SLS has been found to have many side effects:

  • Eye, skin and mouth irritations

  • Membrane alterations

  • May be harmful for the brain, heart, spleen and liver

  • Chronic irritant contact dermatitis

  • Compromising the overall integrity of your skin barrier, rendering it open to exposure to bacteria

  • May actually harm cell function

  • Can corrode the hair follicle and cause hair loss

  • Fragrance

95% of the chemicals used in fragrances are petroleum-based synthetic compounds. Most of these chemicals are not tested for safety. Manufacturers are only required to print "fragrance" on the label, nothing more.

Additionally, a product labeled "unscented" may contain a masking fragrance. A product must be marked "without perfume" to indicate no fragrance has been added.